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After a year in Australia my visa is running out and I have to go home. As any reasonable Swede however I'm delaying my trip home for a few weeks cause no sane person will go to Sweden in February. I haven't visited half the places in Australia that I would like to, but I'm sure that I'll be back here one day and therefore I keep on saying: another time. I must be the only traveler who has not visited Sydney, but on the other hand I have been to Coober Pedy and Walhalla!

My last few weeks here have been distracted. Dana trying to find a new place, I'm trying to say goodbye to people etc. so we managed to miss Australia Day. As we left the apartment in the afternoon we caught glimpses of people dressed in flags, and I got highly annoyed at myself for not going down to the city earlier. Well, well, next time!

From the place where I worked before Christmas I had got cinema tickets in something called gold class. Basically it's a cinema "first class" with a lounge with food and drinks to wait in before the movie, a cinema with only maybe 24 seats divided in twos with rows in between. Dana and I were showed to our seats, gigantic armchairs with a little table in between and a button for table service. The waitress brought us our bottle of sparkling wine (we had got a voucher for that too) and a blanket for me. The chairs even had automatic foot rests and you could lean back in the chair. We played with the features for a while before the movie began. We couldn't even reach the next set of chairs in front of us! It was most luxurious! The movie, "The king's speech" was great and we were so cozy!

As we are packing up the apartment, I'm trying to get as much as possible into my bag, and we are both generally distracted due to the fact that I'm leaving Dana's mother arrived from the US so my last day in Australia was spent pleasantly by Dana's childhood area where we visited a sanctuary, had nice lunch, and fed birds. The birds were rosellas, cockatoos, and galahs. The rosellas are small and pretty nice, their claws might scratch you but otherwise they are nice. The cockatoos however weren't too fussed about weather is was the bird seeds or your hand they got and managed to bite us a few times before we simply banned them from the food. the galahs were the worst though, they didn't even go for the food but went for your finger directly as Dana noticed twice! The birds were beautiful however, and so was the day, 29 degrees (ten less than the two previous days) and sunny. A little too humid but it was a great day. A great last day in Australia. After a nice vegetarian dinner did Dana and his mum take me and my loaded bags to the airport and I was of. See you again Australia!

The observation of the week: There's nothing wrong with Australia, it's a great place but it's just too far away.


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Sara! Du e en pärla på att berätta alla dina upplevelser. Jag läser dem med stort intresse och är så glad att få höra av dig och veta att allt är bra. Eav, min arbetskamrat fick se bilden på dig här ovan och sa att den påminnde henne om Sound of Music. Vacker natur och du dansande och hoppande. Förstår inte varför du inte vill åka till Sverige. Detta mörka, kalla tunga land. Välkommen hem! Kramar

by motte

Förstår att det är svårt att lämna något så vackert (du får själv bestämma om det är Dana eller Australien som jag menar :-))....men jag/vi är så glada över att snart få ha dig hemma....i närheten igen....(var är hemma, Lala?) Miss you! See you soon and hopefully you to, Dana :-)Hug's!

by Maggie

Dina berättelser om Australien är underbara och bilderna är vackra. Det ska bli ännu roligare att träffa dig och höra när du berättar. Vi är såå nyfikna.


by pappa & mamma

Miss you Australia!

by Kenneth

Det maste vara Dana du menar, det ar i alla fall honom jag saknar!

by Sockerbit

Självklart menade jag honom :-) Felix befinner sig i Österrike och skriver reseblogg till oss via sms, fick mig att tänka på dig. Han beskriver omgivningen o byn med en sådan inlevelse att jag ser ögonen tindra på honom. Just nu tror jag att denna planet är det mest fantastiska han vet :-) o då har han bara kommit till Österrike. Vänta bara, Felix det kommer mera :-))) Eller hur Lala? Puss på di! Längtar å träffa dig igen!

by Maggie

Så kul! Jag är glad att han har kul. Oroa dig inte, jag ska nog se till att han ger sig ut och reser!
Vi ses snart.

by Sara

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