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Last weekend Dana was working so I went rock climbing with some people. I should almost take a photo of the bruises on my legs! It was so much fun! I went with two guys we know and they started bu apologizing for their crude humor but they were sweet as sugar. We did a four hour ride to get to the mountains through a changing landscape. At first hilly, Melbourne is really hilly, something that i notice every day as I sweat on my bike to and from work. After a while however, the landscape flattened and as we got closer to the mountains I got slightly concerned as there was still no sign of anything worth climbing. We stopped for dinner at an odd fish and chips place where everyone had veggie burgers. I was so taken aback of two sporty guys, one of them with the nick-name "the hulk" (he isn't green or violent, but just huge), both ordering veggies that consented to ordering one myself in spite of it being deep-fried. We all ordered the veggie burger with "the lot" (med allt på) which here in Australia means that on top of the lettuce and tomatoes (and for normal people - not me- mayo and cheese) they put a fried egg, beetroot and pineapple. I have never earlier been hungry enough to have one, and to be honest I never ordered the egg, I just got it anyhow, but it was surprisingly tasty. So tasty in fact that I'll be making home made burgers one of those days and make sure to take out the beetroot and pineapple! So, my dear American friends, especially Kenneth, try the Aussie way next time that you are out for a burger.


After a food break we drove on towards the Arapiles and I finally saw some mountains. Not our mountains though. These were the Grampians where I have been before and saw Emu's in April. Those mountains are really nice and look like a big pile of something that someone has dropped from afar as they stick up from the otherwise stone free ground. We drove on and once again the ground was flat until suddenly I saw a random rock formation sticking up from the ground in the now dark surroundings. We got closer and finally stopped at a camp ground. The night was cold but next day, after a long morning we went climbing. It was soo great! One of the guys climbed up first and put in all the safety equipment as he went. As he is at least double my weight we attached me to the ground so that if he would have fallen (which he did later) I wouldn't fly up the stone but just hang around in the air, 30 cm or so from the ground (a foot). He climbed up to the top and set up a rope there and I got to climb after and remove all the gear.

I'm not going to bore you all by telling you all the details of the climbing so to wrap it all up: it was a great weekend, I met some new people and the views were fantastic. Even though we weren't very high up the landscape around us was so flat that we could see several kilometers away!

It has been raining a lot here this year - to the great pleasure of everyone else and to my displeasure but by two climbing companions were totally awed because it was so green (no, nothing like Sweden, the grass is still pretty yellowish some places, but this is Australia and it's next to "little desert"). We drove past several dames that hold the water supply for Melbourne and the areas around and they were all pretty full and we saw several lakes where bushes and other stuff was sticking up from around the beaches as they haven't been this full for at least 10 if not 30 years!


A few weeks ago, on the weekend of the 2nd of Advent the Swedish church had it's yearly Bazaar and I had promised to help. I had told several of my friends about it and loads of them actually showed up, including Dana's dad with family. It was a nice day though I was rather busy during most of it. There is not too much to say about it except that its really funny, like a joke from fate, that I'm helping out at a church bazaar and baking for them, as I used to tease Johanna that she will end up working for the church bazaar when we live together in Odense when we retire (This is an old internal joke). It's also pretty funny that the task I was set on was to make sandwiches: salmon, meatballs, shrimps, and skagenröra. I don't eat any of that stuff and I made sure to wear the plastic gloves they provided at all times!

The Observation of the week:
Being a temp isn't all that bad... My assignment ended last week at the place where I have been working for the last four months and not only was I still invited to their Christmas party, I also got a big bouquet of beautiful flowers in my favorite colors and a little gift on my last day. It was almost like leaving Denmark again! The photo below is of the flowers and the pet that came with them. Dana named him Steve, but I think that Gregory suits him better!


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jodu att få med lile Stewe ibland blommorna måste ju varit great. Förstår att Svenska kyrkan ligger dig varmt om hjärtat. det gäller ju att hålla på traditionerna! Köttbuller, skagenröra .m.m MUMS!!!!

by Motte

Jaha, LaLa leker spiderman ;-)! Stevegory is soo cute! The first picture reminds me of Skåne, I wonder why....
Thx for the delicious TimTam's from all of us! BUT I strongly advice you never to take the boat home from Australia :-)
Puss på dig och - miss you a lot!!!

by Söstra di!

Miss you a lot!
Skrev nyss en kommentar men den dunstade...testar igen nu...

by Maggie

Men Motte, jag äter ju varken sjöodjur eller kalla kutbullar med majonäs! De var verkligen säkra för mig!
Maggie, sorry, kommentarerna tar ibland lite tid. Ibland vill systemet att jeg ska godkänna dem först, lite som med båttransport... Lovar att inte ta båten hem, om jag inte får jobb på en förstås! Nej men tyvärr hade jag inte tänkt på det. istället har jag köpt biljett hem och landar 18/2. God jul!

by Sockerbit

18/2?! Yippikayeeee!!! :-)

by Maggie

Haha! After reading the burger you all had I was saying to myself how unique and delicious it sounded! I will definitely be trying this new way burger style!

Sara, you were so high up! You look like a speck on the side of the mountain. Looks so much fun! You are a true adventurer :) I don't know if this blog page charges you for every photo, but you always give the best perspective through your pictures! I wish you would post more :p The rainbow is is so cool. You show it from beginning to end!

I hope Stevgory is doing well! What type of flower is that red ball? Keep having fun Sara enjoy the warm weather!!

by kenneth

By the way, i will be taking out the pineapple and beetroot as well. Never been a fan of that combination on anything ;p

by Kenneth

Sve šje to lepo i očmen možda u očima tvojih drugarica ui drugova ali da zanaš da otac i majka to drugačije dožinjavaju. Videti Ćerku da visi na strmoj litici.
Srce puca, pa da imaš stotinu sigurnosnih pojaseva?
Ne pomaže.
Ipak sve nam se sviđa ali najviže obećanje da nam uskoro dolaziš.
Puno pozdrava vole te tata i mama.

by mamma&pappa

Så du kommer hem i februari!!! Jag vet några som hoppar högt av glädje. Kramar!

by motte

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