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rain 15 °C


We had wonderful weather last week, until the weekend. On Friday we had a stunning 27 degrees and still pleasantly warm at midnight, on Saturday it was 15 degrees and raining. Both Dana and I got caught unaware in the rain on Saturday. According to our trustworthy flat mate, Dana looked like he had had a swim with all his clothes and bag on when he came home, and I can only imagine. I saw the rain, and his shoes were still soaked on Monday morning. I was a bit luckier and stood, dripping, but not totally wet at the fruits and vegetable market, loaded with mangos, bananas, carrots, etc, when I saw the wall of rain. I decided to stick around for another while and bought some more broccolli and grapefruits while waiting. Finally I had to leave and just by walking to the tram stop i got soaked I then stood at the tram, I didn't dare to sit as I was dripping like a clothes rack. Instead I stood there with my head bent down like a drunkard, trying only to drip at the floor. A lady got on the tram and started to giggle, I looked at her through my drop covered glasses and she was almost as wet. I started giggling too. "It's rather wet", she said. "Yes", I agreed. Since then it has been raining. Next time it looks like a fine day I'll take my rain coat!

On Thursday, before the rain, Dana had his last exam and we went out celebrating. It was wonderfully warm and we sat at a rooftop bar before going down to eat dumplings. His friends went out to another bar to try to pick up an Italian waiter but I have to admit that Dana and I were to lazy, it was too far away, and we didn't feel the need for a waiter. Instead we went home to recharge our batteries for the parties of the weekend and on the way we found a deserted bag. On opening the bag we found an Ipod and house- and car keys, as well as a diary. We did the good deed of the week and together with a police on the phone we traced the owner and managed to get hold of him before he had even realized that he had lost his bag - he was drunk.

The halloween party was strange, it felt like one of those parties you'd go to in high school. But our costumes were very appreciated. We impersonated a candy cane and a mime. The party turned out to be flooded by so many Nordic people (even though I personally only met Finns, and one Norwegian) that we were banned from writing our names on the world map that one of the guests impersonated. Strange, isn't it? There are not to many of us in the world (25,4 millions in total in 5 countries) but annywhere in the world you go you meet Nordic people. I think it might be a sign of how uninhabitable it is during winter... Go green house effect!

The observation of the week:
This is an odd country - they have an official public holiday for sports! The Melbourne cup day was this Tuesday and nothing in Melbourne was open, besides the big grocery stores. Well, well, If you can have a prime minister who dissappears while swimming (Harold Holt), and another one who is most famoyus for his world record for beer speed drinking (Bob Hawke), i guess that you can have a public holiday for a sports event too. This really is the world upside-down!


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It seems so strange that it´s summer were you are!!! We, your mum and I was in Gothenburg yesterday at Rööhska museum. It was so fine! I really liked it. Your mum did find a very fine pure but of course, she couldn´t decide wich one she would bay so she didn´t bought anyone. (Now I knew who you look like!!!) have a good time over there. / Motte

by Motte

Hej du Polkagris!
Vem kan det vara som står bredvid? Her Mintstång me lakritsöverdag?

by mamma

Nej mamma, han är ju en mimartist! En sån där som står i gathörnen i Frankrike och Köpenhamn!

by Sockerbit

Go greenhouse effect..Haha! warmer climate would make the world more inhabitable, not a bad thing :) The costumes are great..to be honest, I didn't know you were a candy cane until I read your blog ;) but I wasn't being that open to creativity...my short coming :p always love reading your blog..you guys are the best!!

by kenneth

Thanks Kenneth! Well, If you are living in a bag you take what you have to make a costume and I had so much fun with that face paint! We skipped the base you were supposed to wear under and so after a little while it started peeling, but well, as long as you look good when you arrive...
How was your Halloween?
And have a good thanksgiving!

by Sara Engstrand

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